Thursday, March 29, 2007

Garden of Freedom (ED-8025-GF) : S$16.80 - SOLD!

ED-8025-GF : S$16.80
This piece is dedicated to those who love Freedom.
As you can see, the butterfly is flying freely in the garden.
It's a very sweet and trendy piece.
This wire-work piece is one of a kind and remakes not possible.
Necklace Length : approx 55 cm
Pendant Length : approx 6.5 cm
Pendant Width : approx 2.3 cm

Bernice's Comment

Hi Eaindria,

Thanks for the discount, didn't know there is a discount for subscribing to the mailing list.
Really thank you very much.
Ur acccessories are very unique, keep it up.
Will recommend ur blog/items to my friends.

All the best! Nice meeting you!

Bless U!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fairy Garden (ED-8024-FG) : S$19.80 - SOLD!

ED-8024-FG : S$19.80
As this fairy is playing with the flowers in the Garden, I named this piece "Fairy Garden". This wire-work piece is one of a kind and remakes not possible.

To make sure that the pendant look like a garden, I've added in a few types of flowers in different shades, leave and a butterfly.
Necklace Length : approx 50 cm
Pendant Length : approx 9 cm
Pendant width : approx 4 cm

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jacqueline's Comment


Received the items already n they look really nice.
I love the different oriental designs that u have.
Hopefully u would have more of those in future.
Thanks again.
Will introduce n show to my friends.


Monday, March 26, 2007

My Angel (ED-8023-MA) : S$16.80 - SOLD!

ED-8023-MA : S$16.80
No-Remakes for this piece.
Gold toned piece with Angel charm. I've added butterfly (made with wire), gold leave and gold chain dangle to enhance it's charm.
Necklace length : approx 37 cm
Pendant width : approx 3.5 cm
Pendant length : approx 7.5 cm

Jungle Friends (ED-8022-JF) : S$14.80 - SOLD!

ED-8022-JF : S$14.80

Another Wire-Work from Eaindria Creation.

One of a kind piece. Remake not possible.

This piece is in silver toned and yet I added some colorful wire to add the spice!!

This pendant comes with silver toned chain (length : approx 41 cm) and the Pendant length is approximately 7 cm and width is approx 3.5 cm

Saturday, March 24, 2007

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Eaindria Creation is having 10% discount store wide (until 28th March 2007) for Mailing List Subscribers!! So Hurry!! Subscribe the Mailing List now and grab the piece that you want!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Freedom (ED-7052-FD) : S$7.80 -SOLD!

ED-7052-FD : S$7.80
"Freedom" This is my second piece of Wire Work. My first piece was done on early January 07. Very Unique piece. Click on the pic itself if you want to see in bigger piece.

Gold toned piece with Green Heart shape Cat eye bead and Green Swarovski crystal. Together with my Wire Work in Gold toned ring and Gold chain as dangle.
Earring drop of length : approx 6 cm

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Classy Chic (ED-7051-CLC) : S$7.80 - SOLD!

ED-7051-CLC : S$7.80
Classy piece of Dark Magenta based with Pink flowers cloisonne with matching faux pearl. This is Oriental, Classy and yet Trendy piece.
Earring drop of length : approx 5.5 cm
Note: Matching Necklace can be done upon request (subject to material availability)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Charming Oriental (ED-7050-BLU) : S$7.80 - SOLD!

ED-7050-BLU : S$7.80

Bright blue color version of "Charming Oriental".

Just visited the beads shop and found this lovely blue cloisonne beads. Since my Charming Oriental pieces are popular, I decided to create in different colors. We girls like different colors for different attire, right?

Made with Square shape Bright blue based with Pink flowers Cloisonne is attached to a few Gold chains. To enhance it's beauty, I added in Blue color bead with gold strips (from Japan) and Gold color coated ring.

Earring length of drop : approx 6 cm

Key to my heart (ED-7049-KH) : S$8.80 - SOLD!

ED-7049-KH : S$8.80
Silver toned Heart shape lock and key to the heart is attached to White and Red mix bead with Gold strips (from Japan). It's like the lock is there and the key is there for you to unlock the heart.
Earring length of drop : approx 5 cm

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Christine's Comment


Yup I've received them . They are lovely!
Love your design, oriental and yet not old fashion looking...:P

Thks & Rgds,

Verde (ED-7048-VD) -: S$8.80 - SOLD!

ED-7048-VD : S$8.80
This piece is one of a kind. Bright green color toned earrings is made with bright green color based cloisonne and Heart shape cat eye bead. Green color Swarovski crystal was placed in different position to form Asymmetrical piece.

Earring length of drop : approx 4 cm

Friday, March 16, 2007

Melissa's Comment

Hi Eaindria,

I have received the items already.
Don't expect such a fast delivery within 1 day. You are fast.
Thank you.


Cheryl's Comment

Hi Eaindria

I've received the earrings.
Thanks for the efficiency and the pretty earrings.
Looking forward to more of ur creations. :)


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Forever Love (ED-8021-TS-FL) : S$18.80 - SOLD!

ED-8021-TS-FL : S$18.80
This piece is too Elegant and Beautiful in my eyes. Once you see the actual piece, you'll feel that too.

You can even wear it to Wedding or any Special Occasions.

Most of the attention will go to beautiful Heart Shape frosted red rose printed Tensha bead (from Japan) with gold tone chains, dark pink Swarovski crystal and pink pearl.

Dark pink Swarovski crystals and different sizes of pink pearls form the rest of the necklace.
Necklace Length : approx 50 cm
(excluding Pendant length : 8.5 cm)

Forever Love (ED-7046-TS-FL) : S$10.80 - SOLD (3 pcs)!

ED-7046-TS-FL : S$10.80
To complement the Necklace "FOREVER LOVE", this beautiful pair of Tensha beads (from Japan) are used together with dark pink Swarovski crystals and light pink pearl. As usual, most of my designs will complete with a few gold toned chains.
Earring drop of length : approx 6.5 cm

Belleza (ED-7047-TS) : S$10.80 - SOLD!

ED-7047-TS : S$10.80
This piece is made with dark based Pink flower Tensha beads from Japan. Dark pink Swarovski crystal and light pink pearl are attached to Gold hoop. To enhance it's beauty, I've added a few gold toned chains.
Earring drop of length : approx 6 cm

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Elieen's Comment

Hi Eaindria,

I have received the items, thank you.
That's was fast! Delivery within a day :)


Charming Oriental (ED-7045-BL) : S$7.80 - SOLD (2pcs)!

ED-7045-BL : S$7.80

This is another version of "Charming Oriental" piece.

I feel that Black color is all time favourite and never get boring. Match with any color, any type of clothing.

Made with Square shape Black based with Pink flowers Cloisonne is attached to a few Gold chains. To enhance it's beauty, I added in Black color bead with gold strips (from Japan) and Gold color coated ring.

Earring drop of length : approx 6.5 cm

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mariposa (ED-7044-BFLY) : S$8.80 - SOLD!

ED-7044-BFLY : S$8.80
"Mariposa" means butterfly in Spanish.
Very sweet piece. Made with Silver coated butterfly and Silver coated Love are dangling under sweet pink pearl with silver chains.
Earring drop of length : approx 7 cm

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Charming Oriental (ED-7040-RED) : S$7.80

ED-7040-RED : S$7.80

Since these
"Charming Oriental" Earrings are popular in my blog, I decided to come out with another color.

Made with Square shape Gold color based with Pink flowers Cloisonne is attached to a few Gold chains. To enhance it's beauty, I added in Red color bead with gold strips (from Japan) and Gold color coated ring.

Earring drop of length : approx 6.5 cm

Remakes are possible for "Charming Oriental" pieces.
(subject to availability of the materials)

Beauty of Tensha (ED-7041-TS) : S$8.80 - SOLD!

"Beauty of Tensha". Elegant and yet trendy piece. Made with Tensha beads from Japan attached to pink pearls and a few gold color coated chains.
Earring Length of drop : approx 6 cm

ED-7041-TS : S$8.80
Uploaded by Eaindria Creation

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

You can order the pieces in this blog itself!

Eaindria Creation has introduced the "Order Now" feature in the blog itself. So that the customer has the convenience of Ordering the pieces through the blog.

The "Order Now" feature is located at the "side bar" of the blog, just below the "Categories".

You can just filled in your name, email address and item code then submit. Eaindria Creation will contact you with the rest of the details.

Happy Shopping :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Heading to the Sky... (ED-7043-BLU) : S$10.80 - SOLD!

ED-7043-BLU : S$10.80

As the Silver Dragonfly is heading towards the Dark blue beads with gold strips (from Japan), I called this piece "Heading to the Sky...". Isn't it look like one?

I added in a few shade of Swarovski beads to create the effect of clouds in the sky.
Earring length of drop : approx 7 cm

Quite a long piece, but it looks Trendy and Sweet.

Green Paradise (ED-7042-GN) : S$9.80

ED-7042-GN : S$9.80
I called this "Green Paradise" as it looks very refreshing. This piece is made of Dark green Swarovski bead attached to Green and White mixed beads with gold strips (from Japan) and Shining green pearl. Focus bead is of course the cloisonne bead which is White based with Pink flowers and Green leaves.
Earring length of drop : approx 5 cm

Monday, March 05, 2007

D'amour (ED-8020-LV) : S$15.80 - SOLD! (2 pcs)

(ED-8020-LV : S$15.80)

Made with Gold Heart and Gold toned chain.
Sweet and yet Trendy piece.

Necklace length : 60 cm

Pendant length : 8 cm

Open up your Gold Heart to surprise your loved one.
(eg. put mini photos of you & your loved one together.)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

ED-8019-PNK : S$13.80

ED-8019-PNK : S$13.80
Uploaded by Eaindria Creation
What a feminine piece!

I simply love pink.
This beautiful necklace is featuring with a mix of pink frosted pearls and pink translucent acrylic beads. I've added in two pink crackle glass beads (hexagon shape) to enhance it's feature. Pink translucent acrylic bead together with two pink quatrz teardrop faceted beads attached to silver toned chains as a pendant.
Necklace Length : approx 42 cm
(excluding Pendant length 6cm)

Matching earrings will be available upon request (Earrings design will be same as the Pendant).