Saturday, March 03, 2007

ED-8019-PNK : S$13.80

ED-8019-PNK : S$13.80
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What a feminine piece!

I simply love pink.
This beautiful necklace is featuring with a mix of pink frosted pearls and pink translucent acrylic beads. I've added in two pink crackle glass beads (hexagon shape) to enhance it's feature. Pink translucent acrylic bead together with two pink quatrz teardrop faceted beads attached to silver toned chains as a pendant.
Necklace Length : approx 42 cm
(excluding Pendant length 6cm)

Matching earrings will be available upon request (Earrings design will be same as the Pendant).

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Serena Neo said...


I really, really like the Lady in Pink necklace and I'm interested in buying it.. except for the fact that I do not own a bank account under my name (much less own a credit card). Is there anyway that I can pay for this necklace? (Meet ups at public places of your choice for eg.)

Mucho love,
Serena Neo <3