Saturday, April 07, 2007

Garden Stage (ED-8030-GS) : S$19.80 - SOLD!

ED-8030-GS : S$19.80
As Ballet Dancer is treating the garden as a stage, I called this piece "Garden Stage".
This wire-work piece is one of a kind and remakes not possible.

Made with different types and color of flowers which act as lightings to the stage.
My wire-work creation act as a set of Curtain behind the stage. Isn't it look like one??
Necklace Length : approx 45 cm
Pendant Length : approx 7.5 cm
Pendant Width : approx 4 cm

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Joyce said...

Hi, its Joyce.. thks for the necklace & quite a surprise to me that u deliver at such late hour.. the most surprise thing is that ur package even include a gift box. that's so great.. a Big thank you