Sunday, May 13, 2007

Simply Sophisticated (ED-8060-SS) : S$26.80 - SOLD (2 pcs)!

ED-8060-SS : S$26.80
This Tensha Bead Design (from Japan) is New design just arrived in Singapore.
Very stylish, elegant and sophisticated design.
I design the rest of the chain stylish as to suit the design of the pendant.

One side of the chain is made with light purple color Swarovski peals and transparent purple Swarovski crystals to match the Tensha Bead Pendant. The other side is made with 2 strings of gold chains (high quality gold plated chains from Korea) to create the stylish effect.

I've added in two transparent purple Swarovski crystals together with gold danglings at the Pendant.

Necklace Length : approx 42 cm
Pendant Length : approx 9.5 cm

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