Thursday, July 19, 2007

Angel of Butterfly (ED-8085-AB) : S$22.80 - SOLD!

ED-8085-AB : S$22.80
This piece is one of a kind and strictly no-remakes.
Golden Angel is playing with golden Butterfly in Lily garden.
Necklace Length : approx 50 cm
Pendant Length : approx 5.5 cm
Pendant Width : approx 3.5 cm
Chains used in this piece are of high quality gold plated chain from Korea (non-rust).


MQ said...


thanks loads for the personal delivery.. it was really sweet of you!

the packaging was lovely and the necklace really delicate (:

thanks!! <3

eaindar said...

hi ya

i'm glad that you love the item...
thanks for your comment too...
see u again in my blog... :)